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Your book is your priority and our priority is YOU.

We have developed the tools and make our services easier for you. So, all we want you to do is to focus on your writing while we take care of layout, cover design, publishing, distribution, marketing, and many more.

  • Creative Control: Whatever you decide, you have 100% control over the entire process from planning, editing, publishing, marketing, book format, cover design, with other such critical decisions and you don’t have to answer to anyone else.
  • Book Strategy & Promotion: We employ a unique marketing and sales strategy tailored strictly for you via our targeted direct-marketing efforts and guide you on how to effectively promote your book. You can be sure your book will receive maximum exposure to all relevant and appropriate audiences and you’ll also have the advantage of international marketing and sales efforts.
  • Faster Exposure: Your book gets to market faster and this speed can translate to faster exposure, which makes it available for people all around the world in an instant.
  • Format: We handle your manuscript with the utmost care and give your book a professional layout that fits your style.
  • We work closely with you to provide a unique solution for you.
  • Publish: Go Global, Publish Smarter. We distribute to all the major online platforms worldwide, plus storefront nationwide.
  • Marketing: We help readers find your books anywhere they’re sold online as our promotional tools will help funnel more readers to your books.
Music Distribution &
Marketing Service

We offer you a simple, professional and amazing ways to get your music onto the world’s leading download and streaming platforms. Whether you’re a new artist, an accomplished musician or an independent record label, we’ve got you covered!

Upload your music, complete the checkout, and we’ll do the rest as we are dedicated to delivering the best stores to our customers worldwide.

  • Get discovered by distributing your music worldwide and is easier than ever for people to get your music.
  • Gain insight and access to vital Information about your music which will help you grow and improve on your music.
  • We help you tap into every major music revenue stream and ensure that we collect all of your royalties from all over the world.
  • Our customer service is always happy to help & support you all the way.
  • We’ll give you the tools you need to promote and sell your music the right way.
  • You’ll maintain 100% ownership of your copyrights.
Digital Marketing Service

We provide awesome Digital Marketing services to help businesses improve their visibility online and leverages on our broad experience to design, develop and implement digital marketing projects to help clients grow their brands & businesses.

Our aim is to help businesses succeed through excellent digital services that is focused on results.

  • You focus on your business priorities while we focus on you achieving the best result in marketing your product & services.
  • We are reliable, consistent and accountable. We are available all the time to help & solve every issue at every point of your marketing journey.
  • With us, your business gain new perspectives and we develop innovative, successful marketing techniques and apply them to your business.
  • We identify the important metrics to follow across different channels to determine the effectiveness of each campaign and provide monthly or quarterly reports on your campaigns to help you make sound marketing decisions.
  • We will integrate ourselves in to your business and become an extension of your marketing team.
  • Our solutions are unique and customized for the need of each business and we know where to go to get the results you desire.
  • We provide Simple and Clear process and armed with the right tools.
  • We are passionate, enthusiastic, and creative individuals who genuinely love marketing and aren’t afraid to take risks and launch bold campaigns to achieve the greatest possible impact.
Website Design &
Maintenance Service

We are professional in what we do and we offer affordable website design services which is tailored to meet the online needs of your customers, and we want you to be involved in every step of the process.

Fast, Innovative, & Reliable – we are striving to create just the right website for each client and everything we do is focused on helping our clients and brands grow.

  • You will improve your level of productivity & growth opportunity.
  • Expand your market, extend your local reach and be available everywhere around the world.
  • Improve customer service as information requests are/can be processed immediately.
  • We ensure that your website meets all required standard and is secured.
  • We walk you through the entire development process.
  • We are a team of experience developer and our aim is to ensure that your presence online is amazing.
Social Media Management

Our team create and manage social media accounts for businesses and we make it amazing with productive and relevant social media strategies that will help your business, brand and organization grow and meet your goals.

We tell your unique story through solid branding, helpful, human and holistic content and we knows how to optimize your social media channels to satisfy your marketing objectives.

  • Provision of a competitive edge in a crowded space whereby we maximize your budget to get the best result by applying best practice in build your presence online.
  • We will study your previous social media activities, perform audits and look for ways to optimize it and incorporate a long-term strategy plan.
  • Our success solely depends on your results so we are more results-focused.
  • We will project and maintain the real value of your brand and speak your language the best way we can with the right content.
  • We work closely with your business & team and build effective communication across all board.
  • We stay focus and keep it simple, clear, concise and professional.
  • Our team offer great contents & delivers measurable results.
Content & Creative Design

Content is KING

Our team is of creative and strategic professionals, all sharing in the same passion in the power of great ideas. We are keen to helping our clients develop more meaningful relationships with their customers through contents & creative designs via digital channels.

We provide a full suite of content production services to businesses and our services are custom-tailored for each client to suit their own set of goals and objectives.

  • Access to creativity and our creative ideas.
  • We help you increase your conversion potential with content that engage, inform, help, and bring value for your readers.
  • Improved brand reputation & build trust.
  • We explore your unique goals and audience to align vision and objectives.
  • With attention to the details and focusing on the intended outcomes, we develop clear strategies that lead the way to producing high quality and effective content.
  • Using our creativity, resourcefulness, and experience to produce and deliver amazing communications solutions for your product & services.
  • We strive to build customer loyalty and respect in our client business just like we love to see in ours.
Digital Strategy & Consulting Service

Defining your digital strategy is no longer optional in our fast-paced, digital world because your customers’ needs are changing and there are new challenges from disruptive competitors – so we believe It’s a critical factor to ensure your business succeeds.

Whether your strategy focuses on digital marketing, new technologies or transforming your organization to serve your customers in a digital way, we will join your team, co-create the plan, drive change, and coach your people so they can deliver.

  • Identify the right digital channels, tools, and technologies by connecting your digital goals with industry trends.
  • Our team establish a continuous cycle of reflecting, observing and making moves, which drive us to understand the present and anticipate the future.
  • We solve big problems to get big results.
  • We have the capabilities you need: the right people, the right skills and the right approaches.
  • Working together, we’ll create the right marketing strategies for your brand – and the right marketing transformation for your organisation.
  • We will help your team develop the knowledge, skills and approaches they need to win in today’s digital world.
  • We will help find effective solutions, that is exactly right for you.
Our Team Will Always Be There For You

Emphaloz Digital stays ahead of the curve and our success has us leading the pack amongst our competitors with our ability to anticipate change and innovation.

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